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The New Supercook 350 Thermocooker

This is not a new recipe but I wanted to give an encouragement regarding the new Supercook 350 machine which has just become available for pre-order in Australia (I think they also ship to New Zealand). I have been using the Bellini Intelli Kitchen Master for over 5 years now and love the thermocooker way of cooking. I first heard about the new Supercook two years ago and I’ve just pre-ordered it. I am not affiliated with them in any way but wanted to let my readers know about it so that they can get enough orders to proceed with supplying it to us. The advantages to the new machine over my older BelliniĀ  are many – more powerful motor, guided cooking, reverse function, stainless steel inner basket, slow cooking mode – but the big winner for me is the 4.5 L jug. This means that instead of using my two machines I can do the same double recipe in the one machine. Apparently the inner basket can fit a whole chicken. It is also a third of the price of the new Thermomix and with a jug approximately twice the size.

You can find information about the new Supercook 350 here.

To order, visit the Global Electronics site here.

If you order, please join as a VIP first. This will cost $29 AUD. Wait for the introductory email from Global Electronics before purchasing the Supercook as it will contain a discount code of $50. At the checkout, click on the ‘discount’ button to add the code. As a VIP you also get the special price of $749 and free shipping. This meant that it cost me in total $699 (with discount and free shipping) plus the $29 for the VIP membership. I’m so excited and can’t wait to get it, but do hope that they get the minimum number of orders to proceed. Thanks for considering it. If I do get one I’ll be sure to post some recipes here.