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Gluten-free, Dairy-free and Egg-free Coffee Cinnamon Scrolls


coffee scrolls

One of things that most people with coeliac disease or gluten-sensitivity miss is bread. Maybe when I retire I’ll be able to spend time trying to  find a recipe that works.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve eaten an awful lot of commercially available gluten-free bread that just tastes horrible. A lot of them contain eggs, so I can’t eat them anyway. One brand I do like is Schar, and another egg-free brand I don’t mind is Zehnder. I’ve also tried most of the mixes that don’t need eggs and I can’t say I really like any of them, with one exception. Last year a friend told me about the F G Roberts Cottage Bread Mix and yum, finally there is a gluten-free bread that tastes ‘normal’.  It is dairy-free and egg-free but it does contain soy flour. I’m sorry for the non-Australian readers who have no access to it, but here’s some more infomation for fellow Aussies as to where to purchase it. I decided to have a go at making some cinnamon scrolls with this mix and have to say that they are way too yummy for my waistline!

The bread mix uses yeast. One thing to be careful of is the temperature of the water. Yeast only needs a lukewarm temperature and will die at high temperatures. A lot of people make the mistake of having the water too hot for the yeast. Another tip is with the proving of the bread. I have a double oven. The bottom oven is fan-forced and the top oven is a conventional oven. To prove the bread I put a bowl of boiling water on the bottom of the conventional oven and put the tray on the shelf and close the door.  Here’s the recipe:


380 ml warm water

330 g F G Roberts Cottage bread mix

5 g dry yeast (I use Lowan)

6 ml vegetable oil

6 ml white vinegar

handful of sultanas or mixed fruit (optional)

60 g butter (for dairy-free use Nuttelex or another dairy-free margarine)

60 g brown sugar

2 teaspoons ground cinnamon

Walnuts or other nuts (optional)

Icing: 140 g GF icing mixture, 20 ml hot water, 1 teaspoon instant coffee


1. Place the water into a mixing bowl and sprinkle the yeast across the top. Add the vinegar and oil and mix with a fork until the yeast is dissolved.

2. Add the bread mix and the sultanas and mix together with a spoon.

3. Lightly flour a large board with rice flour or other gluten-free flour and lightly knead the bread until it comes together smoothly. Roll out until it is a large rectange.

4. Mix the soft butter, cinnamon and brown sugar together and spread across the bread dough. Sprinkle with walnuts if using.

5. Roll up the rectangle and cut the log into 3 cm pieces.

6. Place the pieces evenly into a round or square cake tin. I used a 23 cm square tin lined with baking paper.

7. Allow to rise in a warm place for about 45 minutes (see directions above).

8. Bake at 200 C fan-forced  (210 C/410 F conventional) oven for approximately 25-30 minutes.

9. Allow to cool before icing. For leftovers, freeze without icing and reheat using a microwave.

10. Ice with coffee icing. For the icing, combine the hot water and the coffee. Pour only enough of the coffee mixture into the icing sugar to make a smooth icing (you may not need it all).

Gluten-free, Egg-free and Dairy-free Donuts


My son was down sick yesterday afternoon so I thought I’d cheer him up with some donuts. Usually I just make them gluten and egg-free but yesterday I thought I’d see if they work out okay dairy-free as well. My recipes are always gluten and egg-free but, when I post a dairy-free recipe, you can be sure that I’ve tested it first to be sure it works as dairy-free. These donuts are designed to be made in a donut maker. I got this one on a super special in a Boxing Day sale last year and my recipe is an adjustment of one of the ones in the recipe book that comes with the donut maker. It’s a double batch recipe and makes approx. 22 donuts. These donuts taste just as good when they are frozen and re-heated in a microwave. I always coat them in cinnamon sugar but you can ice them if you prefer. Here’s the recipe:


430 g gluten-free plain flour

220 g caster sugar

3 teaspoons gluten-free baking powder

2 teaspoons Orgran No Egg (or use EnerG egg replacer) – if you can eat eggs use 2 eggs and reduce milk volume by 80 ml.

250 melted butter (or 250 g Nuttelex or other dairy-free margarine for dairy-free)

455 ml milk (use rice milk for dairy-free)


1. Mix dry ingredients together in a large bowl.

2. Make a well in the centre and add the melted butter/Nuttelex and milk/rice milk.

3. Mix with electric beaters until smooth.

4. Preheat the donut maker and when hot, fill donut rings with batter. For mine, I use a heaped dessertspoon. It takes a bit of practice to get the right amount.

5. Close the lid and cook for 7 minutes or until the donuts are golden coloured.

6. For cinnamon donuts, dip in melted butter/margarine and then in cinnamon sugar.