Gluten-free and Egg-free Recipes (with some Dairy-free options)


It’s jolly cold here near Brisbane at the moment and it seems to be making us all very hungry. My almost 9 year old son woke me up early this morning saying, “Mum, I know it’s early but my tummy is growling!” I’ve been doing a little research on what works well for egg replacement in cakes and have come across a number of sites which use sour cream instead of eggs. By using gluten-free flour the cakes become gluten-free too, though not dairy-free. Here’s the recipe:


180 g caster sugar

180 g soft butter

120 g sour cream

185 ml milk

370 g gluten-free self raising flour

pinch salt


1. Preheat oven to 160 C (fan-forced) or 180C/350F conventional.

2. Beat together butter, sugar and sour cream with electric mixers. Make sure there are no butter lumps.

3. Sift together flour and salt.

4. Add 1/3 flour to the mixture and mix until it is incorporated, then mix in 1/2 the milk, then 1/3 of the flour, then 1/2 of the milk and then the final 1/3 of the flour.

5. Pour into a greased bundt tin and bake until the top is browned and a skewer inserted into the centre comes out clean. In my oven it took approximately 35 minutes.

6. Invert the cake onto a plate.


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